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A Journey to the Heart of Africa’s San Dance Culture.

SanDance! is an independent one hour documentary covering the age-old dance culture of southern Africa’s San or Bushman peoples.

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SanDance! has so far achieved several film festival awards and nominations. As of November 2021, these include:

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SanDance! - Synopsis

SanDance! celebrates humanity’s original essence of dance.

San (Bushman) traditional hunter-gatherer culture is our world’s original human culture. Its roots go back to the dawn of human time in Africa.

Our enchanting film follows San dancers from rehearsals in remote Kalahari villages in Namibia and Botswana to electrifying performances at the Kuru Dance Festival.

Radiating from the Kuru Dance Festival into the visionary world of the trance-healing dance, SanDance! illuminates the spiritual traditions
that underpin San culture across southern Africa. SanDance! expresses the hopes, fears and dreams of San dancers as they strive to revitalize beautiful dance traditions threatened by the marginalization of the San’s fragile hunter-gatherer culture.

SanDance! is co-produced with San NGO the Kuru Development Trust (KDT), which hosts the annual Kuru Dance Festival. Proceeds from SanDance! directly benefit the KDT, and the dance groups featured in our wonderful film.

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Questions and Answers

We made SanDance to honour and celebrate the beauty, resilience, and strength of San/Bushman culture in southern Africa, as expressed through the San’s ancient and sublime dance traditions.

SanDance is made in partnership with the featured dance groups and with Botswana San NGO the Kuru Development Trust, which hosts the annual Kuru Dance Festival.

SanDance director Richard Wicksteed explains more about the making of SanDance in the accompanying Q&A with leading international choreographer, director, and actress Aku Kadogo.

"Well scripted, beautifully photographed and full of the most amazing collection of people who utterly uplifted me and reminded me of the greatness of being human again which in these dark days I had forgotten. Not to mention the dancing and singing and reflections on their profound philosophy. So once again well done. Mazaltov! A work for the ages is born! " - Dan Jawitz, leading South African film producer
"The film is a rich source of powerful insights, often told with a playful or mischievous smile. But most of all, it enlightens those with the heart to hear, and uplifts those with the soul to see. I watched SanDance! more than once, and still want to watch it again. For the dance. For the music. For the story. For the pleasure." Read the full review here:

- Michael Britton, music journalist
"This is a very moving and beautifully made film that we all should watch irrespective of where we have been born, or grown into the humans we are - because it brings the pure voice of the 'first people" ... yes, those who were the first we know of to walk this earth, our shared Mothers and Fathers. And their voice speaks to all we have lost, together."

- Radha Robyne Brave